Open Access Policy: 

The published articles of Scholarzest are licensed under terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/). We permit to use the published research for non-commercial applications. We support the readers, librarians and repositories to circulate the articles amongst scholarly fraternity without any restrictions. We strongly believe that sharing of the knowledge is never restricted by any means. The open access publishing module is supported by the Open Journal System platform, and the open access repositories indexing the journals content.

Commercial Considerations Policy: 

Scholarzest is not yet sponsored from any organisation for publication and indexing activities. We lie on the publication fees collected from authors to provide the best services to our authors, readers and indexing organisations. We are dependent on the monetary help received from our authors as an article processing charge (APC). All the expenses against  The monetary assistance earned in the form of publishing is used to manage remunerations, software costs, website management fees, association membership fees, print charges, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Presently Scholarzest is charging nominal fees from the authors. We have decided to revise the publication fees with following considerations:

  • Total manuscripts published in a year
  • Revenue generated from the article processing charges
  • Expenditure details of financial year( Maximum 10 % increase w.r.to last financial year)
  • Maximum Number of publications we are going to publish in next financial year

Present nominal charges of publication with Scholarzest are USD 20 per.  

Conflict of interest Policy: 

Several cases are reported now a days regarding the conflict of interest about the open access publications. The peer review process followed by scholarzest is taking care to avoid the conflict of interest. We encourage our stakeholders to avoid the malpractices in writing and reviewing and accepting the manuscripts for publication. We implement the double blind peer review in order to avoid any conflict of interest during publication process. We believe the scientific judgements in scholarly publishing should not be influenced by any sort of relationship or the false promises. Any issues related to conflict of interest related to the authorship, plagiarism, improper citation if any will be taken in to consideration on priority and such manuscripts will be removed from the journal without any prior intimation to the authors. Later a fair chance is given to the author and the party claiming the work to be theirs to prove the ownership of the work.  

Human and Animal Rights Policy: 

We believe whenever any experimentation is carried out on the human beings and the animals, all the procedures, rules and regulations of the respective country are followed and no rules are broken. Being international publishers we may not be able to crosscheck every time if the laws are followed by the authors are not during experimentation. While we request all the authors to follow ethical standards set by their respective countries.