European Journal of Humanities and Educational Advancements 2023-01-24T13:51:43+00:00 Pr. María Dolores Meneses-Fernández Open Journal Systems <p><strong>European Journal of Humanities and Educational Advancements (EJHEA)</strong> is a Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Open Access Journal which covers the various areas of Humanities, Social Sciences and Educational Research. This journal is monthly published online monthly. </p> <p><strong>ISSN (E): </strong>2660-5589</p> <p><strong>Journal Impact Factor:</strong> 7.223</p> ONLINE LEARNING IN IRAQ: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES 2023-01-06T16:54:15+00:00 Nagham Oudeh Alhamdawee <p>The Covid - 19 pandemic posed a serious threat to humanity throughout the world. Many activities, including educational activities, have been stopped in the whole world as a result of the epidemic, so all countries of the world turned into e leaning. Countries of the Middle East especially the Arabic countries were still in the beginnings in using e learning, before the pandemic, though other countries outside the Middle East were using e learning in the learning and teaching process some years ago before the Arabic counties. IRAQ is one of countries that were affected by the epidemic. After the outbreak of Covid-19 in it, the educational system made simple and limited attempts to integrate e-learning into their classrooms; though e learning has been used in a very limited way in some universities, and using technology in the learning process was rare. There are several barriers to the successful implementation of this technology inside Iraq. The current study aims to identify the barriers to effective e-education implementation in Iraq and to suggest potential solutions to these barriers.</p> 2023-01-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 EFFECT OF PERSONAL LEARNING NETWORK INSTRUCTIONAL APPROACH ON METALWORK CRAFT PRACTICE STUDENTS’ ACHIEVEMENT IN RIVERS STATE TECHNICAL COLLEGES 2023-01-11T07:51:57+00:00 Dr. Chiduhiegem C. R. WORDU Glory N. IGWE Baritule P. SAUE Stanley T DIRI Christian O. OTOBOH <p>The study determined the effect of personal learning network instructional approach on students’ academic achievements in metalwork craft practice in technical colleges in Rivers State, Nigeria. Four (4) research Questions guided the study and Four (4) hypotheses were tested at .05 level of significance for the study. The study employed quasi-experimental research design. Specifically, non-randomized control group design involving two groups – pretest, posttest treated groups design were used for the study. The population for the study was 31 National Technical Certificate class two (NTC II) fabrication and welding craft practice students from four Technical Colleges in Rivers State for the 2020/2021 session. Out of the four Technical Colleges, two Technical Colleges were selected. The study was a census as the entire population was studied. These students in their intact classes were assigned to twenty (20) for experimental group (Personal Learning Network Instructional approach) and eleven (11) for control group (Demonstration Instructional approach). Metalwork Achievement Test were developed, validated and used for data collection. The instrument was trial tested using NTC II students from Government Technical College, Sagbama in Bayelsa State for determining its reliability. Reliability index of 0.88, 0.87, 0.89 and 0.89; were obtained for the four (4) clusters with the overall reliability of coefficient of 0.88 for Metalwork Achievement Test using Pearson Product Moment Correlation coefficient. Research Questions were answered using means and standard deviation while hypotheses were tested using Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) at .05 level of significance. The computation was done through the help of Statistical Packages for Social Sciences Version 20 (SPSS 20). Findings of the study</p> 2023-01-08T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 IMPORTANCE OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING 2023-01-12T07:01:54+00:00 Islomova Madina Jabborova Lobar Yuldashevna <p>This article discusses the importance of digital technologies in foreign language teaching, the effectiveness, possibilities and advantages of modern technologies in the process of foreign language teaching, as well as the current demand. In teaching a foreign language, it is essential to create educational and methodical literature based on digital technologies, in which to create unique educational programs taking into account the development of students, information and scientific-methodical education of the educational system. to provide, and develop basic curricula and sample course programs, organize the publication of educational literature, create educational guides and textbooks in various forms of presentations based on information technologies, in the form of virtual resources and the educational process implementation requires solving issues such as methods used in educational institutions, improvement of pedagogical methods using digital technologies and establishment of distance education technologies.</p> 2023-01-11T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 REASONS FOR EDUCATIONAL RETARDATION OF STUDENTS IN SECONDARY SCHOOL FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF TEACHERS 2023-01-15T06:03:54+00:00 Sadq Jafer Hassan Salman <p>Students who are educational retardation are part of this society's real wealth. They are part of the society and study their problems. It requires attention at all times and needs individual and collective attention. Students educational retardation suffer a study of behavioral problems and psychological disorders including the emergence of feelings of frustration inherent in the behavior of students, such as those appearing in aggressive behavior against peers and out of the system and other behaviors. In order to find out the reasons for the educational retardation in secondary school students, a measure was adopted (Nisreen Tawfiq Ibrahim Zaher, 2019), which aims to Measuring the reasons for the educational retardation pupils. The study sample consisted of (138) students, and (138) teachers were withdrawn to answer the research tool. After selecting the research sample and distributing the research tool, the researcher analyzed the responses of the sample members obtained on the scale. The results of the research show that the reason for the educational retardation in secondary school students is mainly due to reasons educational retardation to the student himself and then the second reason for the educational retardation of the school methods of teaching and education applied within the school, while the last reason for the educational retardation in school are the family and social problems facing the student During his studies</p> 2023-01-11T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING AND METHODS USED DURING THE LANGUAGE LESSONS 2023-01-19T13:14:50+00:00 Musulmonov Shabon Bahodir o'g'li <p>Foreign language teaching has a very high position in education system of the country. As the world is now developed and globalized, the probability to talk and collaborate with speakers of distinct language has increased. This article discusses new guidelines into a curriculum, describes different methods and states what learning methods work best for language teaching, and the role of technological era</p> 2023-01-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 TASKS OF ENSURING INFORMATION AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SECURITY IN AN INFORMED SOCIETY 2023-01-20T05:57:09+00:00 Parpiev M.T <p>The article examines the increasing ideological influence of various information on the life and safety of people, the spiritual world of people in the information society, and the possibility of threats in cyberspace to have a serious negative impact on all areas of society</p> 2023-01-18T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 REFLECTION OF NATIONAL HERITAGE IN THE CINEMA ART OF KARAKALPAKSTAN 2023-01-24T13:51:43+00:00 Abatov Aydos <p>The aim of the article is to bring to life our historical and national heritage on the screens through cinematography, and to reveal its educational character</p> 2023-01-18T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023