European Journal of Humanities and Educational Advancements 2022-09-29T06:43:11+00:00 Pr. María Dolores Meneses-Fernández Open Journal Systems <p><strong>European Journal of Humanities and Educational Advancements (EJHEA)</strong> is a Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Open Access Journal which covers the various areas of Humanities, Social Sciences and Educational Research. This journal is monthly published online monthly. </p> <p><strong>ISSN (E): </strong>2660-5589</p> <p><strong>Journal Impact Factor:</strong> 7.223</p> THE EFFECT OF LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS, MADRASAH CLIMATE AND SOCIAL COMPETENCY ON THE ACHIEVEMENT MOTIVATION OF ALIYAH MADRASAH TEACHERS IN JAMBI PROVINCE 2022-09-18T09:52:11+00:00 Ilyas Idris Martinis Yamin Risnita <p>This study aimes to describe and analyze the effect of leadership effectiveness, madrasah climate, and social competence, both directly and<br>indirectly toteacher achievement motivation of state Madrasah Aliyah in Jambi Province. This study uses a quantitative approach with a survey desaign. The<br>sampling method used in this study is pusposive random sampling with 997 population and 119 people as samples. Data was collected through a questionnaire with a Likert scale.</p> 2022-09-04T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 INTEGRATED ISLAMIC PRIMARY SCHOOL MANAGEMENT IN IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF STUDENT EDUCATION IN JAMBI PROVINCE 2022-09-18T09:56:09+00:00 Muhammad Alamsyah Lias Hasibuan Badarussyamsi <p>This study aims to examine the Integrated Islamic Elementary School Management in Improving the Quality of Student Education in Jambi Province.<br>This research approach uses descriptive qualitative research method with the technique of determining the object of research is done by purposive. Data<br>collection techniques used are observation, interviews and documentation.<br>While the data analysis technique uses a flowing data analysis model, which includes: data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions/verification.<br>The results of this study found that the implementation of Integrated Islamic Elementary School management was implemented in improving the<br>quality of student education in Jambi Province, namely preparing the realization of quality and superior human resources, organizational management,<br>administration and modern management. The implementation of superior education and teaching and the development of educational programs, the<br>implementation of broad Islamic da'wah, but difficult to achieve in its entirety until now, so that Integrated Islamic Elementary School Management in<br>Improving the Quality of Student Education in Jambi Province has not been effective and efficient because it has not fulfilled the aspects standardized<br>cohesiveness evenly in each school</p> 2022-09-04T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 A CREATIVE APPROACH TO TEACHING STUDENTS TO SOLVE ARITHMETIC PROBLEMS 2022-09-13T07:05:57+00:00 Mirzavali Kuchkarov <p>This article discusses the process of training of teachers in secondary schools aimed at teaching the basics of science in non-traditional forms, including to achieve the design of the educational process based on the perfect model of creativity, be able to use these projects focused on mastering of theoretical knowledge, skills, abilities and solving arithmetical problems in creative ways</p> 2022-09-08T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 STEAM APPROACH TO IMPROVING CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS IN EARLY CHILDREN 2022-09-13T07:08:09+00:00 Yetty Isna Wahyuseptiana Dina Pertiwi Aje Paulus Widjanarko <p>Education has a role in producing superior human resources. Education needs to be adapted to the needs of students so as to create a pleasant learning atmosphere. The implementation of learning both inside and outside the classroom requires an approach that can build children's thinking power to be more systematic. An approach that can be implemented and is able to direct children to be able to explore critical thinking through the STEAM approach. The ability to think critically in early childhood will certainly be different from the ability to think critically in adults. The ability to think critically in early childhood is understood by the child's ability to respond to changes that occur in the surrounding environment, then the child is able to provide simple changes. The child begins to understand that in every life there will be many differences in the way they behave, how to communicate and how to view a problem. An approach that is able to foster children's activeness during learning so that in the learning process an active atmosphere occurs and twoway communication occurs, namely the STEAM approach. In practice, educators are required to have creativity in presenting learning activities and learning media so that there is continuity between learning materials, learning environments, and learning media. This study uses a descriptive type of research, namely to describe the extent to which the role of the STEAM approach in improving critical thinking skills in early childhood and to examine the factors that can affect the ability to think in children. This research was carried out by involving children aged 5-6 years at the Aisyiyah Al Amin Bibis Kindergarten in Surakarta City in 2022. The results of this study showed that there were still many children aged 5-6 years who needed assistance in learning that applied the STEAM approach, this is because the STEAM approach still has many meanings. Furthermore, educators at Aisyiyah Al Amin Kindergarten still need a more comprehensive understanding in implementing the STEAM approach in the learning process in the classroom or outside the classroom. There are several factors that affect the ability to think critically in early childhood, one of which is parenting applied in the family.</p> 2022-09-08T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 USE OF METAPHORICAL WORD FORMATION IN FILLING LEXICAL GAPS IN THE LANGUAGE 2022-09-17T05:38:57+00:00 Khasanov Abdumannon Majidovich <p>This article discusses the possibilities of metaphorical word formation and their addition to the language lexicon. In particular, it is analyzed to what extent the metaphorical method of word formation is important for naming concepts that do not have their own representative (name) in the lexicon of the Uzbek language. It is proved through examples that the words made in the metaphorical way are understandable to native speakers, can be actively used in speech situations, and thus are very important in organizing the lexicon of the language. Also, certain metaphorical names are recommended to name certain concepts that do not have their own names in the Uzbek language, and their linguistic significance is described.</p> 2022-09-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 THE ETHNOGRAPHY OF THE KAZAK PEOPLE 2022-09-17T06:31:30+00:00 Fariza Amonboyeva <p>History is an indelible book of every country. Our scholars say that there is no future without history. Adhering to these traditions, it is important to study the cultural heritage of each nation, to investigate its history and to know what days have passed in the process of reaching today. History is a basis for predicting the whole future, the English philosophers said.&nbsp; Indeed, the history of every nation is its present and future.&nbsp; This article presents a brief history of the Kazakh people.</p> 2022-09-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL PRINCIPLES OF IMPROVING THE CONTENT OF THE PEDAGOGICAL ACTIVITY OF ICT TEACHERS OF PROFESSIONAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS IN THE CONDITIONS OF INFORMATION OF EDUCATION 2022-09-19T07:05:24+00:00 Muzaffarjon Mansurjonovich Juraev <p>This article discusses the theoretical and practical basis of improving the content of the pedagogical activity of ICT teachers of professional educational institutions in the conditions of informatization of education, as well as the state of professional training of teachers of informatics and information technologies in the professional education system, existing problems and solutions, the principles and content of the ICT.</p> 2022-09-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 THE EFFECT OF INTENSE EXERCISES TO DEVELOP SOME PHYSICAL ABILITIES AND PHYSIOLOGICAL INDICATORS, EFFECTIVE TIME OF 400M FOR JUNIORS 2022-09-19T07:07:43+00:00 Asst. Lecturer. Hiba Ahmed Abdel-Jabbar <p>The importance of the research lies in laying the correct scientific foundations to bring about development as a result of the use of intensive exercises in developing some physical abilities and physiological indicators and the effective time of a sprint (400 meters) freestyle junior category. The problem of the research, when the researcher was informed of the scientific sources and the researcher’s field experience, being a trainer and referee in athletics and being specialized in this field, was suffering from a lack of focus of most trainers on intensive exercises when training physical abilities and physiological indicators for young people. Focusing on this type of training will lead to (the level of achievement stops), and this is the opposite of what was observed. When looking at tournaments for the same event, many of the young players reach high levels using intense exercises and the body continues to give for the best achievement, which prompted the researcher to search and investigate through the development of intensive exercises To be an important training process accessible to coaches and young players specialized in running a (400m) freestyle sprint and to be a reference for .serving the training process in Iraq, hence the research problem The research aims to prepare intensive exercises to develop some physical abilities and physiological indicators for the effectiveness of a (400m) freestyle sprint for juniors. Identifying the effect of intense exercises on research variables for the effectiveness of a (400m) freestyle sprint for .juniors The researcher used the experimental method by designing the experimental and control groups, and the research sample was determined by a deliberate method, which included the players (Al-Zafaraniya, Al-Kahraba and Al-Fattah) in the governorate of Baghdad. severity) using auxiliary tools, .and after obtaining the raw results, they were processed statistically</p> 2022-09-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 THE INFLUENCE OF ACADEMIC CULTURE, LEADERSHIP AND WORK MOTIVATION ON CAREER DEVELOPMENT OF PTKIS LECTURERS, JAMBI PROVINCE 2022-09-23T20:16:39+00:00 Zaenal Abidin Mukhtar Latif Ahmad Syukri SS <p>This study aims to examine 4 (four) variables using path analysis. The purpose of this study is to reveal the influence of academic culture, and leadership on career development mediated by work motivation. In this study, the authors used quantitative research methods with a sample size of 67 respondents from STAI Mambaul Ulum Jambi, STIT YPI Kerinci, and STIES AlMujaddid Tanjung Jabung Timur. The data collection method used is in the form of questionnaires and documentation and then processed by statistical analysis.The results include; 1). Academic culture has a significant and positive effect on career development by 11.9%. 2). Leadership has a significant and positive effect on career development by 5.8%. 3). Academic culture and leadership simultaneously have a significant and positive effect on career development by 23.0%. 4). Academic culture has a significant and positive effect on work motivation by 17.1%. 5). Leadership has a significant and positive effect on work motivation by 8.2%. 6). Academic culture and leadership simultaneously have a significant and positive effect on work motivation by 18.3%. 7). Work motivation has a significant and positive effect on career development by 60.5%. 8). Academic culture, leadership and work motivation simultaneously (simultaneously) have a significant and positive effect on career development by 80.5%. 9). Indirectly, academic culture has a significant and positive effect on career development through work motivation of 59.5%. 10). Indirectly, leadership has a significant and positive effect on career development through work motivation of 61.3%. The conclusion is that academic culture, leadership, and work motivation can affect career development. And it can be explained that work motivation apart from being an exogenous variable, is also able to carry out its role as an intervening variable</p> 2022-09-22T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 INFORMATION SYSTEM MANAGEMENT IN IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICES OF RIAU ISLAMIC BOARDING SCHOOLS 2022-09-23T20:20:22+00:00 Maimunah Ahmad Shukri M. Syahran Jailani <p>Pondok Pesantren is one form of formal education unit that provides education, at the madrasah aliyah MA, MTs or equivalent level, Islamic boarding school education is education, which prepares students to apply religious knowledge and science and technology, There are several Islamic boarding schools in Riau, have not fully implemented and utilized information systems and technology in their business processes. Among them are the Riau Technology Islamic Boarding School, the Darul Hikmah Islamic Boarding School, Pekan Baru, and the Sabilal Muhtadin Islamic Boarding School, Tembilahan Riau. Most of them still run manually or only use Microsoft office and Google as a medium, and what happens is that there is no integration with each other from these business activities. This makes it difficult to exchange data, control these activities because everything is done individually without any integration. Therefore, this research is carried out, namely an enterprise architecture design management using the TOGAF-ADM framework in order to be a solution in optimizing the use of information systems and technology so that they can be aligned with the vision, mission, strategy, and resources owned. TOGAF is a widely accepted framework and method for the development of the architecture of an organization or educational institution, which explains in detail how, to design, build, manage and implement EA and information systems with the Architecture Development method</p> 2022-09-21T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 ANALYSIS EFFECTIVENESS VILLAGE FUND DISTRIBUTION FROM THE STATE GENERAL TREASURY ACCOUNT TO VILLAGE CASH ACCOUNT 2022-09-29T06:40:54+00:00 Tohirin <p>This study aims to find out the factors that affect the smooth distribution of Village Funds from the State General Treasury Account to the Village Treasury Account; and to find out the obstacles to the distribution of Village Funds and the policy evaluation of the Regent, Head of DPMD and BPKAD to the Village Fund policy. Data were collected through interviews and focus group discussions with key informants from KPPN Madiun , DPMD Madiun , BPKAD Madiun , KPPN Malang, DPMD Malang, BPKAD Malang, Directorate of General Transfer Funds, Directorate General of Fiscal Balance, Ministry of Finance. The information comes from the level of the Regent, Vice-Regent, Head of Office, Head of Division, Head of Section, staff, and village assistants. In addition, the data were also obtained from other related documents. The data analysis was performed qualitatively with processing stages in the form of transcription, reduction, categorization, and interpretation with reference to the research objectives. The results indicated that the findings about the affecting factors of the distribution of Village Funds from the State General Treasury Account to the Village Treasury Account are: 1) Leadership in bureaucracy, 2) Interdepartmental communication, 3) Competent human resources, 4) Completeness of Document, 5) Collaborative attitude, 6) Supporting applications and 7) Character of the implementing body. The findings about the obstacles in the distribution of Village Funds from the State General Treasury account to the Village Cash Account are: 1) Dynamic Village Fund regulations, 2) Technical Difficulties in fulfilling the requirements, 3) Problems in communication, 4) Bureaucratic System - Hectic beginning of the year, 5) Changes in the Village RegulationsAPBDes Additional requirements, 6) Additional requirements, 7) Changes in conditions – the occurrence of a pandemic, 8) Human Resources support and 9) Implementation structure.</p> 2022-09-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 IMPLEMENTATION E-REVERSE AUCTION ON PUBLIC PROCUREMENT IN DKI JAKARTA GOVERNANCE 2022-09-29T06:43:11+00:00 Indrastuty R. Okita <p>This study aims to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation and use of E-Reverse Auction in the Procurement of Goods/Services, especially in the process of selecting providers at the DKI Jakarta Provincial Goods/Services Procurement Agency in 2019 and 2020. In addition, to find out the understanding of procurement actors goods/services, to find out the most appropriate type of procurement using the E-Reverse Auction method, and to find out the factors of obstacles/constraints as well as alternative solutions in the use of E-Reverse Auction</p> 2022-09-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022