• Asst. Lecturer. Hiba Ahmed Abdel-Jabbar The third Karkh Education Directorate


Intense Exercises, Physical Abilities, Physiological Indicators,, Juniors


The importance of the research lies in laying the correct scientific foundations to bring about development as a result of the use of intensive exercises in developing some physical abilities and physiological indicators and the effective time of a sprint (400 meters) freestyle junior category. The problem of the research, when the researcher was informed of the scientific sources and the researcher’s field experience, being a trainer and referee in athletics and being specialized in this field, was suffering from a lack of focus of most trainers on intensive exercises when training physical abilities and physiological indicators for young people. Focusing on this type of training will lead to (the level of achievement stops), and this is the opposite of what was observed. When looking at tournaments for the same event, many of the young players reach high levels using intense exercises and the body continues to give for the best achievement, which prompted the researcher to search and investigate through the development of intensive exercises To be an important training process accessible to coaches and young players specialized in running a (400m) freestyle sprint and to be a reference for .serving the training process in Iraq, hence the research problem The research aims to prepare intensive exercises to develop some physical abilities and physiological indicators for the effectiveness of a (400m) freestyle sprint for juniors. Identifying the effect of intense exercises on research variables for the effectiveness of a (400m) freestyle sprint for .juniors The researcher used the experimental method by designing the experimental and control groups, and the research sample was determined by a deliberate method, which included the players (Al-Zafaraniya, Al-Kahraba and Al-Fattah) in the governorate of Baghdad. severity) using auxiliary tools, .and after obtaining the raw results, they were processed statistically


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