• Dr. Nada Aaied Yousif Department of Artistic Education, College of Basic Education, Mustansiryah University, Baghdad, Iraq


Telematics Art, Plastic Arts, Digital Media


The communication revolution has made a clear difference in the nature of the circulation of human achievements at the level of ideas, and material achievements as a later stage. With the variation of artistic movements and their overlap within the fabric of social communication and the new technological relationship was likely to show new strains of concepts and ideas that resulted in a transformation in the style affected by the occurrence of crossfertilization within the field of plastic art. In the context of this cultural outreach resulting from the tremendous developments in the various multimedia media, different societies have entered into interactive and reciprocal relations, with which the geographical boundaries have disappeared within an ethereal space that allowed for the building and opening up of a model for a communicative cultural future thats to a higher level. It achieves intellectual, cultural and civilizational convergence. The importance of this and its effects on the transformation of the style in the plastic arts, which in turn led to the emergence of many of the arts that depend on the digital image came this research, “Cultural approaches between plastic arts and digital media in the Telematics Art”, which highlights of the “Telematic art” This paper contains four chapters; the first chapter includes the problem of the study, its importance and the aims, and identify the most important terms related to research. Chapter 2, however, includes three sections. The first section focuses on the relationship between the digital media and the plastic art and the second explains the mutual presence between digital media and plastic art, while the third section included the telematics art. The third chapter deals with analyzing the samples. Finally, chapter four includes the ending results


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