European Scholar Journal <p><strong>European Scholar Journal (ESJ)</strong> is a Multidisciplinary peer-reviewed open access international journal that covers various areas of research. This journal is published online monthly. The double-blind peer-reviewed journal strives to achieve excellence in academic publications. </p> <p><em><strong>European Scholar Journal (ESJ) is edited in Las Palmas by ScholarZest.</strong></em></p> <p><strong>ISSN (E):</strong> 2660-5562 </p> <p><strong>Journal Impact Factor:</strong> 7.235</p> Scholarzest en-US European Scholar Journal 2660-5562 INFLUENCE OF EXB DRIFT WAVE INSTABLITY IN HOLLOW MAGNETRON SPUTTERING PARAMETERS <p>In the present paper, the effect of the EXB drift wave instability on the hollow magnetron sputtering parameter in the present of axial magnetic field was described in details. The plasma parameters of the normal glow discharge region are diagnostic. The discharge properties were examined using spectroscopic measurements of the plasma created inside the chamber and the Boltzmann diagram to determine the electron temperature. The results showed that adjusting the coil current changes the discharge properties. The properties of the plasma increase with the rise in the coil current, electron temperature (Te), Debye length (D) and electron number density (ne(.</p> Alaa.K. Bard Qusay. A. Abbas Copyright (c) 2022 2022-09-04 2022-09-04 3 9 1 11 TEACHING CHEMISTRY AND POLYMER CHEMISTRY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY <p>This article is devoted to the synthesis of chemicals and methods of teaching university students. Today it is necessary to create a new methodology of chemistry at the world level. The article also considers the preparation of 1,3- dialkoxy-2-arylamine by the interaction of arlamine hydrochloride with dialkoxypraponol in various ratios. The structure of the obtained organic compound was proved by chemical studies using physical IR, UV, PMR.</p> Khodjibekov Sadriddin Nasriddinovich, Copyright (c) 2022 2022-09-07 2022-09-07 3 9 12 14 MODERN METHODS OF STUDYING CHEMISTRY AND POLYMER CHEMISTRY IN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITIES <p>The protection of plants and agricultural products from various diseases and pests with the help of chemicals is devoted in this article. To date, it is necessary to create new drugs that meet modern requirements both in terms of efficiency and safety for humans and the environment. About the need for chemical compounds of fungicide, herbicides, defoliants, insecticides and acaricides that protect crops and products from pests, diseases caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses, and also play an important role in plant growth and increasing yields. And in this, chemists will have to strengthen the teaching of the subject of chemistry in an agricultural university.</p> Khodjibekov Sadriddin Nasriddinovich Copyright (c) 2022 2022-09-07 2022-09-07 3 9 15 18 MECHANISMS TO ATTRACT INVESTMENTS IN THE SYSTEM OF INNOVATIVE EDUCATION <p>The article reveals the features of attracting investments in the system of innovative education. The author considers the need to invest in education as a fundamental direction for improving the quality of human capital. The actualization of investments in the system of innovative education is becoming a paramount factor in the competitiveness of the state</p> Baratov Giyosjon Muradulloyevich Copyright (c) 2022 2022-09-14 2022-09-14 3 9 19 22 SCIENTIFIC AND THEORETICAL BASIS OF THE ESSENCE OF MARRIAGE RELATIONSHIPS OF THE UZBEK PEOPLE <p>Today, the marriage relations established in the territory of Uzbekistan are built on the basis of national-religious traditions and customs specific to our people. The participation of relatives, clans and neighbors is important, starting from bride selection, courtship ceremonies, greeting the bride, “charlar”. Every good day of an Uzbek does not pass without them. It certainly means being kind to people, standing by their side in good and bad days of life. The article analyzes the moral essence of the marriage relationship of the Uzbek people and the family rights and obligations of the bride and groom.</p> Komilov Ruzi Rabievich PhD Copyright (c) 2022 2022-09-16 2022-09-16 3 9 23 24 ABOUT THE RITUALS ASSOCIATED WITH THE FIRST STEP OF THE CHILD <p>This article talks about the ceremony (taking the first step) related to children. Not only in different regions, but also in other nations and peoples, we will look at the peculiarities of this ceremony</p> Mahamadzhonova Odinahan Khamidullo qizi Copyright (c) 2022 2022-09-21 2022-09-21 3 9 28 29 FROM THE HISTORY OF RESEARCH ON NAVOIOLOGY <p>This article discusses the role of a number of scientists working in the Institute of Uzbek Language, Literature and Folklore of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the development of Navoi studies</p> Maksud Asadov Copyright (c) 2022 2022-09-24 2022-09-24 3 9 30 32 THEORETICAL AND METHODOLOGICAL BASES OF MANAGEMENT OF INVESTMENT PROJECTS IN ENTERPRISES <p>In this article, the scientific-theoretical and methodological aspects of the evaluation and effective management of investment projects are studied. Also, the economic indicators of the light industry enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan are analyzed and the advantages of using project management principles in the implementation of new investment projects are shown</p> Allaberganov Sirojali Sahatovich Copyright (c) 2022 2022-09-26 2022-09-26 3 9 33 37 SORPTION-SPECTROSCOPIC DETERMINATION OF RENIUM ION IN INDUSTRIAL CAKE <p>Bismutol-II is used as an organic analytical reagent for rhenium (III) ion in industrial and environmental wastewater and zinc cake. Immobilization of bismutol-II organic reagent on various fibrous carriers and determination of rhenium metal ion, as well as an express method of determination, are shown. Analytical and metrological parameters of the method were evaluated, it was found that the limit of rhenium (III) ion quantification increases by 10 times in the immobilized state compared to the solution</p> Mirzakhmedov Rustamjon Mirkhamidovich Madusmanova Nazira Kuchkarbaevna Mirathamova Gulyorkhan Utkir's daughter Copyright (c) 2022 2022-09-26 2022-09-26 3 9 38 40 PRODUCTION OF SORBTSION-SPECTROSCOPIC METHODS OF DETERMINATION OF RHENIUMION <p>A new spectrophotometric method for the determination of rhenium ion has been developed and the limits of detection of rhenium ions contained in industrial wastewater and sludge are presented, calculations of standard deviation values and an immobilization technique are given. Optimal conditions are selected and the mechanism of reagent immobilization and complex formation is shown, which are studied by X-ray fluorescence and IR spectroscopy</p> Rustamjon Mirzahmedov Nazira Madusmanova Zulayho Smanova Copyright (c) 2022 2022-09-26 2022-09-26 3 9 41 44 FEATURES OF THE PROCESS OF TRANSITION FROM NATIONAL ACCOUNTING STANDARDS TO INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS <p>The article describes the role of International Standards of Accounting and its requirements, problems and solutions are studied in the further reform of the national accounting system of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the creation of a single, understandable, reliable and high-quality system</p> Utegenova Sarbinaz Turdi’muratovna Urinbaev Mukhiddin Copyright (c) 2022 2022-09-26 2022-09-26 3 9 45 47 IMPROVEMENT OF ENTERPRISE WORKING CAPITAL FINANCING <p>In this article, the scientific grounds for the formation and management of the carnag's working capital were studied and provide the relevant scientific conclusions</p> Taspanova Aizada (PhD) Asenbaeva Aydaygul Smaylova Zarafshan Copyright (c) 2022 2022-09-26 2022-09-26 3 9 48 49