• Ahmadaliyev Khudayberdi Ummataliyevich Basic doctoral student of Andijan State University


marriage, family


One of the best days of the Uzbek people is the wedding day. That is why the elders always pray: "Let everyone get to the wedding, let them dream."It is well known how important marriage is for everyone. But is it necessary to get married in order to get married? In general, is there a difference between family and marriage? In this regard, we will first focus on the concepts of marriage and family. The word "marriage" has two lexical meanings in the Uzbek language. Marriage (Arabic - marriage, reunion of a couple) is a ceremony of legalization of a couple according to the sharia and a contract1 read by the domulla in this ceremony. That is, the Islamic religious form of male and female marriage. The sharia regulates family relations and treats marriage primarily as2 a contract based on the obligations and rights of both parties. Nowadays, marriage has two meanings - secular and religious. In a secular sense, a marriage is a legally formalized family union with the mutual consent of the couple; couple In other words, in a secular context, marriage means that a married man and woman are registered with the Civil Registry Office (CSO). A. According to Fitrat, marriage is a union in which3 a man and a woman who want to be friends in life, partners in happiness and unhappiness, companions in times of sorrow, and companions in times of joy must fulfill their personal and social responsibilities together. Marriage is a covenant based on equality and mutual desire between a couple, which means being a partner in life with love and affection. At the same time, marriage embodies a form of relationship between the offspring and the sexes that is socially approved, i.e., the ordering of sex and procreation.




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